Hi friends, we're now building a marketplace for fractional work

The happy medium between full-time work and the wild, wild west of freelance

You'll be able to find 10, 20, and 40-hour/week contract opportunities with legit start-ups and companies

It's flexible, stable, and the new way to work
Read on to learn about Mink's current platform, which we'll always support

Freelance on autopilot

Pitches that sell themselves
Contracts that write themselves
Payments that secure themselves

This is the new era of independent work

Tap into your creative energies and leave the rest to us

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DMs built for your business

Consolidate your business DMs and emails into one place. Mink filters out junk and scams so you can focus on potential clients. Our messaging identifies priority messages and helps you negotiate project details.

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Profiles worthy of your brand

Create a profile page on Mink to make it easy for brands and clients to learn about you. It's like a resume – show what you’re up to, link to your social accounts, and let people know what type of projects you’re open to.

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Built to save time and get you paid

Mink sends invoices to your clients and handles the digital transaction so that you get paid fast. Mink only gets paid when you do.

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